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Mission Statement

The HG Foundation's mission is to provide selfless, unconditional, humbly given community service without prejudice or borders.  Participation in HG is all inclusive to any individual sharing these common core values. 

Together at the Top

HG Foundation Day  10/17/21
Golf Outing 9:00 AM Legacy - Avon Lake

Browns Bash 2:00-8:00 PM The Market - Rocky River               


Contact Us

The Team
The Brotherhood of Humble Giving

American Flags
Friends in Nature

Our Clients
Anyone in need of a helping hand

The Essence of Humble Giving

The essence of the HG Foundation is to provide an outlet for humble giving.  There will be no formal requirements for membership and no dues will be charged.  Brothers/HG'ers will be comprised of individuals seeking to provide assistance to our respective communities in non-limiting focus.  Our efforts and projects will be determined collectively but the organization seeks to be guided by suggestions and initiative taken at the individual level.

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